INCC Parfums

INCC has been a dynamic and passionate player in the fragrance industry for the past 30 years.

Over the past 10 years (excl covid period), INCC has earned double digit growth and has nurtured a presence over a 100 countries. These great achievements have been possible through INNOVATION, DIFFERENTIATION, a focus on QUALITY and close PARTNERSHIP with the licensors and the distribution network, and above all,  EXCELLENCE in the execution of all our projects.

These terms completely describe the company’s DNA.

The license agreement with Mercedes Benz, the 8th most recognized and powerful iconic brand in the world (Interbrand ranking), has been a key milestone in the development of INCC and will continue to be. Indeed, we just renewed the license contract and include two new brands in our portfolio (AMG, Maybach).  

Close collaboration with the Brand has been possible thanks to our common values. We, together with the Mercedes Brand, want to bring the it to the next level and make the whole Mercedes-Benz Parfums Master Brand, a destination for the consumer in the industry.

The INCC team has the ambition to pursue this road to success integrating and building other brands…

We will continue to make sure that INCC will allocate the means to succeed in terms of strategy, organization, communication and finance.

Our long term vision is to become a recognized worldwide key player in the perfume industry.


85 avenue de Saint Cloud
78000 Versailles- France


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